Significant reduction in pain & hot flashes

I’m so happy my first experience with acupuncture was with Tess! I’ve had terrible pain for over 20 years and have tried various ways of healing. I rated my pain at an 8 when I first went to see Tess. I noticed significant reduction in pain after my first visit.

We also started working on relieving my discomfort

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“Very impressive results!”

I have visited Tess a number of times now for various reasons, lower back pain, neck pain, planter fasciitis, ear pain, and what I refer to as computer mouse hand from long hours of working on my PC. Some of which I have suffered from for years! Tess is very thorough in her observation intake process and initial discovery session.

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“Cupping was amazing!”

I had cupping done for my first time with Tess and it was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but as she moved the cups around it felt like I was getting a hot stone massage! While I was laying there letting the cups sit I could feel the tension in my shoulders releasing and relaxing. I felt great

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Knee & foot pain/edema & stress reduction

I went to Tess for acupuncture the first time for knee pain. The treatments alleviated my pain so well, I’ve gone back for more treatments! During my pregnancy she gave me treatments to ease the pain I had in my feet and helped reduce my edema. Later in the pregnancy I received treatments for stress, the therapy truly helped. I’m

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