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No more foot pain!

January of 2023 was my first appointment with Tess and I was barely able to walk into her office.  I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for a couple of years now.  I had bought numerous types of shoes, multiple inserts and nothing was working.  After meeting with Tess and developing a plan for my foot, within a month I was starting to see the changes (now I had been dealing with this issue for a couple of years, so it was going to take some time) as we progressed I was definitely seeing the difference in my foot.  There were days when it would get sore after a long day of work but by bedtime it was feeling better again.  After many treatments I was happy to say my foot was not hurting any longer.  I put it through the true test here a few weeks ago when we went to Europe for 2 weeks.  We walked on an average 5 miles per day.  Not one day was my foot tired or sore.  I was even able to wear my Fitflops out to dinner or for the smaller strolls and not have any pain.  I was so thankful I was able to keep up and maintain the hustle of our vacation.  I could not be more grateful for the care Tess gave me.  She was professional, compassionate and communicated the best possible plan for me.  Tess, thank you so very much for all you did to help me, I appreciate it more than you know!!!!  -Tammy

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