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“After just a few sessions I could tell…”

Traditional Chinses Medicine (TCM) can help with so many issues ranging from mental to physical conditions that affect daily living.  When I started coming to see Tess over a year and a half ago I was in so much physical pain.  After just a few sessions I could tell I was seeing a decrease in my physical symptoms as well as improvements in my mental well-being.  After a couple of months, my pain was nearly gone.  I look forward to each session with Tess because I not only know I am going to feel great afterward, but I am going to get an amazing experience as well.  Tess takes special care of her clients and truly wants you to heal and be your best self.  She is compassionate and encouraging and she helps me stay on my health journey track.  Works cannot express how truly grateful I am for finding Tess.  You will be glad that you decided to take this next step in your own health journey.  -J.A.

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